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COMMUNING WITH THE ELEMENTS: Yu’s Irrepressible Vision

Artist Marlene Tseng Yu is unique in her ability to merge the traditions of her ancestral Chinese culture with Modernism. Her exuberant and vibrant paintings reflect Abstract Expressionist practices while offering the viewer a narrative that has its nexus in nature. Her new show at ACA Galleries, called “Forces of Nature,” includes work going back from 1971 to the present.
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The Rymer Gallery in Nashville
Aaron Payne Fine Art in Santa Fe
June Kelly Gallery in Soho, New York


Looking back over the works selected for Joyce Melander-Dayton’s mid-career retrospective, three stages can be articulated. The artist moved from objectivist juxtapositions to a non-objectivist affair with pure shapes and organic textures. The work representing twenty-five years has completely metamorphosed—and revealed key conceits in doing so.
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“I had an overwhelming reason to change my life completely, being in love was the first and only thing,” Dorothy Iannone told me on the phone from her Berlin home. Four decades ago, this grand passion propelled the self-taught American artist Dorothy Iannone (b. 1933) to create an expatriate life with her lover, the influential Swiss-German avant-garde artist Dieter Roth (1930-1998). Documenting their love affair, Dorothy took Dieter as her inspiration and muse. “The two of us became the stars of my work,” Iannone said. Her highly personal and poetic artwork was the subject of concurrent shows at the New Museum and Anton Kern Gallery in Chelsea this year.
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Lehmann Maupin Chelsea, NYC

Bringing bling to the art game

America has three super myths—the frontier, the racial mix and the belief that anybody can be somebody. We’re informed and fascinated by all three. Their intersection is our most potent avenue to metaphor and metamorphism.
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Kinz, Tillou and Feigen

Nature calls in Kim Keever’s landscape photos of submerged dioramas

Human nature is part of nature but is also painfully apart from it. We are always aware of our separation from the innocence and sanctity we associate with nature. Art tries to address that longing, most especially in representational, landscape paintings.
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The Fan and the Shit
Sept 12 – Oct 25, 2008
Magnan Emrich Contemporary
Magnan Projects

The Fan and the Shit

Like accidents waiting to happen, Alejandro Almanza Pereda’s work challenges structural integrity as it engages the concepts of stability, risk and danger. In a second show at Magnan Emrich Contemporary, the artist has fine-tuned his iconoclastic, sculptural assemblages. Moving away from found objects and furniture, he builds on groundbreaking shifts in materials first expressed in Jeff Koons’ fish tank and Haim Steinbach’s commercial items displayed on shelves. Pereda’s new show extends his earlier balancing acts while rounding off some rough edges.
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Bankrobber Gallery, London
Vanina Holasek Gallery in Chelsea NYC

Banksy Storms New York

Every weekend there’s been a line outside one of the last quaint buildings left in the gallery district. The notoriously secretive Banksy is showing on all three floors of the Vanina Holasek Gallery. The windows are covered in American flags and Union Jacks with Victor rattraps attached. Other street artists, Pons and Elbow Toe have put up posters on the building and next door. A doorman with a clipped Brit accent, wearing a knee-length leather coat with a skull molded into it, allows you in.
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