End Run '21

by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

Dire urgency beseeches our attention at every turn, calling for focus and purpose. Let us go forth now in the service of deliverance.

group at bar Poets at KGB, l-r: Steve Lutrell, Jeff, Andrei Codrescu, Yuko Otomo, Ron Kolm.

keeping spirits bright department

For magnificent contributions to the arts, Live Mag!’s annual Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Andrei Codrescu. Encourager, energizer, endearingly “Exquisite.” Andrei has published more books than you can dream of! Previous winners include Bob Hershon, Willie Birch, Michael Lally, and Jane Friedman.

hotbed of activisionism

Director Jane Friedman and Howl! Happening keep the lights on! The grand opening of a second space on the Bowery—Howl! Arts/ Howl Archives (HA/HA) conicided with an inagural show called “Icons, Iconolclasts and Outsiders” feauturing art by Marguerite Van Cook, Brian De Palma, Scooter La Forge, Walter Stedding, Richard Hambleton, photography by Marcia Resnick and Gail Thacker, and Ramones memorobilia designed by Howl’s inspiration, Arturo Vega. All the work was from Jane’s own collection and included several vitrines with seminal books by Patti Smith, John Giorno, Richard Hell, Candy Darling, Allen Ginsberg et plus.

the fun doctrine

As an artist-in-residence at Howl! I participated in their & friends series, inviting friends to perform in “The Fun Doctrine.” Four episodes are available on Howl TV. Performance with Helixx Armageddon; poetry and prose, John Reed, Jose Castañera, (DJ Uptown GI Jose), Mike DeCapite, Ama Birch; film, Rita Barros, Luigi Cazzaniga, Lili White; music, Roger Manning; art by Kathe Burkhart, Chris Lee; and puppets!

double wham at la mama

La Mama hosted two Live Mag! events in 2021. It’s always a major kick to work with William Electric Black. “Bustout Nation” featured Patricia Spears Jones, Jose Padua, CA Conrad, Penny Arcade, and artist Carl Hazlewood of June Kelly Gallery.

We came zip-roaring back for the “Nice n’ Naughty” live show at the newly renovated theater on East Fourth. Special featured reader David Henderson was joined by a rollicking crew including Adeena Karasick, Jerome Sala, Maria Damon, Sam Truitt, with art by Tamara Gonzales and Daniel Rosenbaum. Thanks to the Poetry Electric Series. Working together for 15 years!

tompkins rompin’

NY Public Library Tompkins Square Branch mounted “Indy Indeed: A Half Century of Downtown Indie Publishing” curated by Greg Masters, Ilka Scobie, Ron Kolm and myself. The overivew included publications and ephemera from small presses including Annabel Lee’s Vehicle Editions and Bararba Rosenthal’s Xanadu Press with books by Barry Wallenstein and Bonny Finberg. Also Hard Press, The Operating System, Mag City, Cover Mag, Vanitas, clwn wr, Tribes, and Live Mag! Receptions with Sheila Maldonado, Esther K Smith, Linda Kleinbub, Phillip Giambri, and Sharon Mesmer accompanied the exhibit. Big thanks to librarian Alyona Glushchenkova.

shout out department

Yay Rob Curcio, curator of “The Rose Show” at Mizuma and Kips Gallery which included artists Gregrory de la Haba and Claire McConaughy, for hosting Live Mag! readers James Feast, John Trause, Jan Castro, Gena Gruz, and Anton Yakovlev.

Stepping out, Arden Wohl curated “Towering Minds”—the poetry series was a who’s who of cool — Kyle Dacuyan, Sparrow, Amy Lawless, Eileen Myles, Anne Waldman, Bob Holman, Mary Reily, Ilka Scobie and me and more at Tibet House.

Jim Ruggia — Backroom Broadsides series. Marc Vincenz and Jonathan Penton with their Saturday zoom Lit Balm series of readings. Local Knowledge Magazine and Sanjay Agnihotri. And big congrats to Nicola Vassell for opening a gallery on 10th Avenue and letting us share the work of Uman!

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