12. November 2018

End Run

Entering our 11th year, the editors would like to thank our sponsors, Howl Happening, La Mama, and KGB. And subscribers and contributors. Thanks to our readers, audience, and party-mates. Welcome to our new Associate Editor, artist and curator Kim Power.


01. December 2017

At the Surprise Hotel

Barry Wallenstein’s latest collection of verse continues his pioneering foray into blending jazz and poetry. The poems are infused with a distinct musicality that’s reminiscent of raw bars and bayou blues. Stripped down emotions are buoyed by irrefutable truths.


01. September 2016

Elizabeth Kley at CANADA

The famous sonnet Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley, reflects on a monumental sculpture’s eventual ruin and collapse. Elisabeth Kley’s exhibition appropriated the title to likewise challenge time, while exploring such diverse concepts as individuality, transience and tradition.


17. May 2016

Judy Pfaff

Somewhere After
At Lafayette College, Easton, PA

Judy Pfaff’s art requires several kinds of understandings. First, let’s think back to primordial installations — cave drawings and dwellings, rituals in China and Southern Africa and Native American ghost dances in buffalo robes.


25. March 2016

Judy Rifka

The Yard, Herald Square, NYC Does Judy Rifka need to bother with the articulate justifications and cogent explanations that always accompany her latest creations? Not for this fully alive and eye-popping show


22. March 2015

Suzan Batu

A show of Suzan Batu’s easel-sized paintings creates a mood of worldly coquetry at The Phatory. It looks like the artist may have started with a straight and narrow method, and then took it south — finding her true colors.


06. January 2015

Cat Town

“Soaked in tears.” How can you beat that? Sakutarō Hagiwara (1886 — 1943) wrote this line early in his career. His penchant for the piteous remained his trademark. This volume of verse, including the title prose-poem novella, “Cat Town,” reveals a genius at joining image with sentiment.


12. July 2014

Adrian Matejka

Although boxing holds no interest for me, I have always been intrigued by Jack Johnson, the first African American to be heavyweight champion. Adrian Matejka’s poetic paean to Johnson presents a portrait that beautifully captures the bravado, sexual energy and sophistication of an athlete whose 1915 victory sparked race riots.


07. July 2014

Jules de Balincourt

True to the title of one of his paintings, Land of Many Uses, Jules de Balincourt finds divergent scenes to convey a complex, sophisticated artistry. The 75 color plates in the book Jules de Balincourt show the artist commenting on class, circumstance and connection with refined aloofness.