07. July 2014

Jules de Balincourt

True to the title of one of his paintings, Land of Many Uses, Jules de Balincourt finds divergent scenes to convey a complex, sophisticated artistry. The 75 color plates in the book Jules de Balincourt show the artist commenting on class, circumstance and connection with refined aloofness.


18. August 2013

Glen Goldberg

Impulse and control stroll hand-in-hand in Glenn Goldberg’s gallery of icons. A dog stares back at you as you question it. A duck hangs in the air, as if between shots at an arcade.


20. October 2008

Alejandro Almanza Pereda

The Fan and the Shit
Magnan Metz

Like accidents waiting to happen, Alejandro Almanza Pereda’s work challenges structural integrity as it engages the concepts of stability, risk and danger. In a second show at Magnan Emrich Contemporary, the artist has fine-tuned his iconoclastic, sculptural assemblages. Moving away from found objects and furniture, he builds on groundbreaking shifts in materials first expressed in Jeff Koons’ fish tank and Haim Steinbach’s commercial items displayed on shelves. Pereda’s new show extends his earlier balancing acts while rounding off some rough edges.


01. January 2008

Banksy Storms New York

Bankrobber Gallery, London
Vanina Holasek Gallery in Chelsea NYC

Every weekend there’s been a line outside one of the last quaint buildings left in the gallery district. The notoriously secretive Banksy is showing on all three floors of the Vanina Holasek Gallery. The windows are covered in American flags and Union Jacks with Victor rattraps attached. Other street artists, Pons and Elbow Toe have put up posters on the building and next door. A doorman with a clipped Brit accent, wearing a knee-length leather coat with a skull molded into it, allows you in.